VPN Squad

VPN has believed since our inception in genuine partnerships. Our Squad is full of different types of people from different walks of life, with one thing in common, our support of one another. We believe in supporting the growth of our squad through any way possible & especially with our gummies!

This is our official VPN Squad. We hope you'll take some time to check each of them out.

Squad Bio

Natalie "ZombiUnicorn" Casanova is a veteran Twitch streamer, content creator and voice actor since 2012.

Natalie is also the season 1 winner of the survival reality show "Kicking & Screaming" on FOX! Known for wildly-entertaining, interactive livestreams, which feature gaming, makeup & beauty, body art and vegan culinary arts.

Activism is also very important to Natalie, and it shows through the positive and welcoming community! Natalie is also the recent winner of Streamer of the Year through TheGamerHERs Awards!


Kisaka Toriama is an artist and Twitch broadcaster focused on sharing her creativity and kindness with everyone! Having been creating and drawing since she was young, she uses her creative stories to tell both fun and meaningful stories to impact those around her. In 2020 she released her very first novel and has been working towards her dreams of continuing her artistic journey through her button club, streaming and webcomic! If it's creative, Kisaka is interested.

Kisaka joined the VPN Squad after Twitchcon of 2018 and was first interested because of the community presented at the vendor's table, as well as their effective and tasty product! Kisaka would also be lying if she didn't say the pink and blue had to do with her enthusiasm of teaming up with the company!


Alex Wechsler aka ItsMrWex is a streamer who's focused on keeping his audience entertained, both newcomers and returning viewers! When he's not trying to get first place finishes in battle royales or screaming from horror game jumpscares, he's busy working at 100 Thieves as a Senior Producer of Programming in Development.

Catch one of his streams to get a lightshow from his colorful room, filled with an arcade machine and lights that react to hype moments in the chat and be a part of one of the most exciting VPN Squad member streams out there!


Meet Asevera! Your everyday gaming wizard, dreaming of living in a fantasy world. From Russia with love, to sunny California, now snowy Illinois, then to...???

Spreading the word of positivity through her Twitch, Tik Tok, and Instagram!

Check her socials out here: linktr.ee/asevera

At 21-Years old Synir is on his way to blowing up. He's passionate about gaming. FPS player. Love bringing joy to my community.

He loves talking all sports and video games! Enjoy traveling, eating food, and meeting new people! Also the owner @ZipRising on all socials!

He likes chili peppers too, almost as much as his VPN bytes.

Check him out here: www.twitch.tv/synir


Born and Raised in Denver, His mom got him the Sega Genesis (A classic!) when he was 4 and he loved gaming ever since!

Tergo plays a variety of games but mainly games are WoW and Halo.

He hopes to someday be able to game full-time and be able to share his upbeat personality with the world!

Check him out here: twitch.tv/tergolive

A variety streamer with a love for RPGs, MMORPGs and open world/open world survival games!

Besides gaming she's a foodie that loves to hit the gym!

Always down to collaborate with fellow streamers or just game with viewers! If you're ever interested feel free to message her or @ in Discord!

Check out here: www.twitch.tv/nerdyandfit

Charalampos "The Ferocious" Grigoriou is a Pro MMA Bantamweight fighter, born in Cyprus and fighting in the USA.

Karate Black belt
2× Nat Champ
2× Pan Champ
MMA Nat Champ
WKN Champ

A great fighter & a great person, we are glad to have "The Ferocious" in the VPN Squad.


Chuck “Phazed” Saxon is a former gears of war professional & coach. He retired to pursue a career in the Solar Field and photography.

He takes some great pictures for VPN and was able to showcase the products and pulled off a top 10 finish at 2019 GPC Boston Open.

Chuck is a big fan of our Blood Orange Flavor too! Check out some of his photography work work:


StillChanchi is 26, loves gaming and making a difference with his community dubbed The Family or The Chi-nanigan Knights.

He plays literally every game out there in very non-traditional ways and love finding humor in everything.

All of this is just so anyone and everyone can have a space to go to to feel safe and loved whether it's just chilling, gaming, or doing charity things!

Check him out here: www.twitch.tv/stillchanchi

Hey VPN fam, this is Queenbabyface but you can call her Babyface.

BabyFace is a streamer on Twitch, with content consisting of mainly FPS games with a mixture of cosplay, irl, and cooking content!

Baby's all time favorite flavor from VPN Bytes would have to be Blood Orange! It's the tangy citrus flavor, it makes it hard to not eat it like a snack!


Rushy has been a streamer since January 2018, In November of 2018 she traveled to twitchcon, where she met VPN. December of that year she became a partner with VPN and we have had a relationship since. Her stream is high energy, lots of giggles and a positive community.


In 2 years she sees herslef continuing to grow, becoming a partner on a streaming service, and also holding the title of fog whisper for dead by daylight. She looks forward to you stopping by and saying hi!




Hello VPN Fam, this is Proxeh.

He's an up and coming a streamer for Twitch.tv.

He play a variety of games ranging from Rainbow Six Siege to Valorant all the way to Rocket League!

Keep an eye on him, TimtheTatman did! He loves streaming so if you ever catch me live feel free to reach out to me in chat!


Nicro, gaming from Canada and he's a competitive speedrunner and challenge runner for various games mainly focusing on Nintendo.

He was the 1st person in the world to beat Super Mario Odyssey in under 1 hour. He's a big fan of Wii games also.

Check him out on Twitch killin' it with speed!


Adi is technically a streamer. Technically a musician. Technically, a pretty chill hang. He puts his soul into absolutely everything he does.

He always stops to admire someone’s hard work and will always attempt to put out a helping hand.

His primary focus is on music and design, but you can catch him doing pretty much anything on his channel these days!