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Message To Our Community & Update For The Future

What a wild ride it has been since 2018 when we launched at TwitchCon, it was the first time I had been along with so many other people and it made it truly special. As soon as it was over, I could not wait until the next one. When we launched back then, we were one-of-a-kind, which was a great thing, and we were so proud to be trailblazers and to provide something new and transparent to a space that was generally known for the opposite. However, we know in hindsight that we could have been better about our messaging and what our place and identity was within the community.

Being a supplement company comes with challenges and skepticism, which is welcomed and expected from our side, but we still want people to know our intentions from the beginning and where we stand now.

As many of you know, last year was rough for so many people and businesses alike. As we came into this year, we were optimistic, and as the year moved on it became more and more apparent that we need to become better for the community.

This is across the board.

With supply and production constraints affecting us heavily this year and it has really affected us more so recently. Trying to be positive, our team decided this is an opportunity to take a hiatus as a brand to return and be stronger than ever before. Until our supply constraints are lifted, of course.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be no VPN gummies for sale for a period, but we do plan to have our merch available until our product returns to market.

We understand that this may come as a bit of a surprise and seems like something negative, but we want to take the opportunity to make this a positive for us and for all of you. By taking a step back and learning, improving, and taking notes/feedback from you, our community. We are so grateful of the support we have received and want to reciprocate that by coming back stronger than ever, with the mission of bringing something special and genuine to the space.

We’re excited for the future and cannot wait for the announcement day where we can unveil the things we are working on; we’ll continue to update as changes happen and will be posting on socials to update and drop the occasional meme here and there! We hope to have your support during this time and encourage you to reach out and ask questions, we’ll do our best to answer and provide clarity and transparency (that won’t change!).