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Convenient Focus, Energy and Endurance.



The BEST Nootropic Gummy available with 600mg of Alphasize®100 Alpha GPC per serving; regarded as the most widely studied brain supplement.

Mega-Bytes are a unique top of the line pectin-based gummy created by Virtually Perfect Nutrition or VPN. The goal is to provide quality and effective ingredients that actually work NOT a bunch of crap you don't need. We want to provide a performance boost to top-tier gaming, competition and even further than that. The ingredients featured in Mega-Bytes all have published studies backing their effectiveness.

Everything in our gummy is in it for a reason, to elevate your performance.


Alpha GPC Choline provides the mental clarity and focus that energy pills, focus & brain supplements just don’t provide enough of. VPN has brain boosting ingredients that will increase performance


These gummies have the right dosage of Lutemax (Trademarked version of Lutein) that protects your eyes from blue light strain & other negative effects. These eye vitamins will keep your eyes fresh.


Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba provide crazy mental clarity, energy, focus that other gaming supplements don’t. No crash, no jitters, only the focus factor you want.


ADDED BONUSES; FDA Approved Ingredients, Top 8 Allergen Free, Kosher Certified, and Vegan!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Reviews (30)


Written by Natsuki on 18th Jun 2021

The initial taste is slightly odd to me, but after biting into the gummy the taste is very pleasant. I have compared different gaming scenarios when taking the gummy and not taking the gummy. I have noticed that I can focus more. I do have less eye strain which is good.

Chewy gummy cube - it feels like it helps.

Written by Off-Grid Family on 8th Jun 2021

This is really one of those products that I struggle with because you need to take it for some time to really feel it out, you need to compare it against not taking it, and you have to decide how much of the focus is from the gummy or just because you think you should be focused from taking it. I've gone through over 1/2 the container now; taking 1 about an hour or so before I head out to game. I don't get to do it often but when I get a free block of time I hop out to the office and fire up Overwatch for some matches. I will say that psychosomatic or not I have noticed a bit more sharpness to my focus on tracking a target when I've had these. So at some level it is improving the gaming and thus making it more fun for me. Taste wise the little cubes are coated and are not quite the consistency of what you expect from a gummy but not unpleasant to actually chew up. There isn't any strong chemical flavor to it, a bit fruity, and thatch it. Overall pleasant enough given it's not candy. I do notice that I feel some protection for my eyes; I wear contacts and I've been able to monitor less eye fatigue after a few hours of staring at the monitor on nights I take the gummy vs not. So even if it was just doing that it's worth the ~50 cents each to reduce that strain. Overall its inexpensive, there are not jitters or feeling twitchy when taking it, I feel more focused from the gummy or not but I feel it, and it's worth it to me to keep ordering it when this runs out just to make my bit of playtime better when I get it.

This was incredible

Written by VPN Customer on 8th Jun 2021

I saw this on an Instagram shared post and went for it. Best decision I’ve made. It has increased my focus and and accuracy when playing Warzone

Great Energy without Negative health effects(affects?)

Written by Sarah Hocott on 22nd Apr 2021

VPN Bytes have been my go-to! I noticed the energy drinks and powder fuel drinks were giving me scary heart palpitations, making me physically ill, and giving me horrendous headaches. Once I switched to VPN Bytes, my heart palpitations went away, I don’t get sick, and my headaches are gone! Plus they have the additional blue light protection that you don’t even get with energy drinks and powder mixes. I can’t harp enough on this product and how much I love it! If you’re on the fence, TRUST ME! You will not be disappointed!

Good taste

Written by Heavyoak on 6th Apr 2021

these are good tasting, and while I can't tell if they are doing anything, the important part is that they taste good.


Written by PositiveLogic on 30th Dec 2020

These gummies give me a mental boost. I don't mean in the sense that gives me some kind of "caffeine" hit. Rather it's more of a "happy hit," it. If I'm a little mad at somebody or about a situation, these calm me down so I don't lash out as much..LOL.

Great focus

Written by Whalieo on 7th Dec 2020

These taste great and give me good focus for studying. I like that you can just grab a couple and they actually taste good unlike liquids or pills. Great for trying to write a 10 page paper in a weekend. Thanks!

Good flavor and texture

Written by Cassandra Strand on 6th Dec 2020

My son has ADHD and we've been trying nootropic vitamins as a way to help him to focus better without always using his medications. We've had some hit and miss supplements that we've tried but these seem to be a hit. My son is a bit picky about the flavor and texture and usually just tolerates them but he actually likes these ones a lot. He even asked me to please get more of this one. Do they work? Well, not miracles but, yes! I see and notice a modest difference in his ability to focus and be alert while doing his school work (he's distance learning due to COVID so I see the effect first hand) and he feels like it has some positive effect too.


Written by Dave English on 5th Dec 2020

Oh yeah -- super yum! Like really good candy yum! Big soft wet gummy cubes with a little sugar on the outside and great (very slightly) sour big berry taste. With no weird aftertaste or mouthfeel. Really tasty. And while I can't tell if they are really working, I can report no jitters or odd side-effects, and certainly feels like I'm bringing A-game to the table. USA, vegan, hits lots of boxes. Very happy. Hope this quick review helps you.

They seem to work

Written by Cathy Stucker on 4th Dec 2020

I am not part of their target audience: gamers. However, I spend a lot of time at the computer, so I thought these might be helpful for me.They seem to make a difference, although it is hard to quantify. When I take them I think I am somewhat more focused and my eyes don't feel as tired after hours in front of a screen.The flavor is a bit odd, but not bad. It is a bit more sour than I like, which is probably more appealing to their target demographic that it is to me. I don't find the flavor unpleasant, but it is not my favorite. I see that they are also available in blood orange flavor, so I may try those next time (because I think I will be buying these when the current supply runs out).

It Tastes Like Disney

Written by Some Guy on 29th Nov 2020

It got these for my wife as she likes to have eye supplements. She described the flavor like this "It tastes like Disney". That being said, keep in mind that supplements like this don't make up for wearing blue light filtering glasses if you have a substantial amount of screen time.

Great Taste and Energy

Written by Kevin D. Rogers on 24th Nov 2020

The flavor is great tasting. The serving sizes are big but they're soft and are easy to chew. While I can't speak for some of the claims this product has, I can admit to having a boost of energy after the second day of taking these. Seems like they would be great for a double do weekend or a heavy grind session.

Tasty Brain Boosters!

Written by Thisisit on 24th Nov 2020

These are made with great ingredients to help the Brain function better and my Eyes too. My two favorite things to still work. Lol! They're great to put one under my tongue at a time and just enjoy it. This Sour Berry Flavor is a good one too. They're made clean and even Kosher out of California. I'd definitely recommend them! Enjoy!

Taste like good gummy candy- works well!

Written by Bugs on 20th Nov 2020

These tastes like a candy that I would like just as a candy. They are little squares of gummy with a sugar coating. They are just the right firmness and have plenty of flavor. They do not taste like medicine or chemicals to me. I really like them! I have been taking ginseng and ginkgo for decades, and these definitely have the mental boost that I expect from those two. Mentally I just feel much more clear and focused when I take them. I started taking them when I was a teen before test, and it always seemed to work well for me, like my final exam secret weapon. These have that effect so I'm very pleased with that . The fact that they can help protect my eyes from blue light is just a bonus for me. Each square is 10 calories, and a serving size is two squares for 20 calories. You don't have to wait for days to see if this is a supplement that will work for you or not in my experience. I don't know if ginseng and ginkgo work for everyone, but when I can take it I can tell within 45 minutes that it's working.

Even steady flow of energy

Written by Blueberry Smiles on 19th Nov 2020

These taste pretty good. It's not too sour at all. There is a slight chemical scent. They are easy to chew and are a fun way to get an energy boost. I noticed an increase of energy. It wasn't a sudden burst of energy , but more like a even steady flow. I like that no gelatin is used in the ingredients.

Good product

Written by Tracey Murch on 25th Oct 2020

Good product

Definitely Improves Focus Even if Your Not a Gamer

Written by Nic on 1st Oct 2020

I've been taking the VPN Nootropic Gummies for the past few months, and I generally really enjoy these gummies. While the taste isn't much desired, I find they really help me concentrate and focus while working on school work. While it can sometimes make me feel jittery, I don't really take any other stimulants besides these, and the jitters don't feel nearly as bad as coffee. Besides the improved focus, these gummies have other good ingredients like lutein for eye health and other good supplements to improve brain health. Overall I think the ingredients in these supplements are great. I question the value of this supplement for the price. Personally, I don't think I would purchase them again, but I'm still using them.

It will make you game better

Written by VPN Customer on 14th Aug 2020

Great flavor and energy makes me get crack o the sticks..


Written by Josh C. on 10th Jan 2020

It tastes like a gummie and really keeps me focused!

Sour Retro Berry Re-Review

Written by Blazger on 28th Dec 2019

After Retrying the Sour Retro Berry in the round container, I am very pleased with the better outcome and taste of this flavor. When I first recieved the square container, the flavor just tasted very off and also the gummies we're rough to chew. I figured it was how is was til I was contacted by the seller to inform they could send out the better and more adjusted product. So thank you to the seller for the help. Make sure you recieve the round containers when ordering.

Works well

Written by Masquemare on 16th Oct 2019

I do live streams on Mixer and these have definitely helped me focus better (especially in fast paced games like Enter The Gungeon). They also helped me get through a full playthrough of Fatal Frame yesterday. My only minor complaint is it has a bit of an aftertaste but given the low calories and sugar of the gummies? It's a fair tradeoff in my view.Very much recommended.

Id buy something else;

Written by Ethan Barrett on 13th Oct 2019

Bought these in person at a booth just fyi. It smells like dull rubbing alcohol, at least the flavor I got tastes pretty great. The serving size is 2 gummies on the bottle but on the website it says 4 for "full effectiveness. There are 64 gummies inside on their website but my bottle says 32 on the nutrition sheet and 64 on the side?Lol. I dont really notice anything besides my focus being different I tend to not drift into random thoughts more. The blue light protection is nice too. If you eat the "full effect" dosage thats 16 days you have of these. 29.99 for 16 days? I can't tell if its worth it or not. Id rather just buy focus and blue light pills for cheaper and be receiving more doses. I feel nothing besides a tad bit more focused. :( Ill be purchasing something else for my next bottle of gaming related supplements.(That is unless something is changed or I receive a response back)

Seller is wonderful to work with.

Written by David F. on 10th Oct 2019

The original flavor is just... gross. That said, they've got some new flavors (grape, blood orange, etc). The new flavors are actually really good. I enjoyed all of them. While I can't say with any certainty whether or not it affects my focus or energy, the new flavors are quite delicious.The vendor is also a pleasure to work with. They care about their product doing well, and are actively working on iterations of this product to improve it based on feedback. Definitely give them a try, and a chance to impress you.

It will make you game better

Written by Amazon Customer on 13th Jul 2019

Great flavor and energy makes me get crack o the sticks..

These are great

Written by Cody Van Liew on 8th Jul 2019

Excellent product. Works as intended without the crash you get from energy drinks

Would purchase this product again!

Written by Mary D. Hathaway on 1st Jul 2019

Love this product! Does what it says what it promises.

Awesome product!

Written by Brian on 3rd Jun 2019

I know there are a lot of supps on the market for energy and focus but the blue light protection caught my attention on these. I'm not much of a gamer but I spend hours reading and writing on my computer every day. I can tell you the Mega Bytes definitely help keep me focused when I'm reading journal articles and writing papers! The blue light protection also keeps my eyes from getting tired even after I've been reading for a few hours, which is a huge added bonus over my morning coffee and other supps I've tried in the past. The cherry on top is that they actually taste great too! 10/10 would recommend to gamers, grad students, and anyone else who needs to stay sharp when they're looking at a screen

Taste is awful

Written by AC on 15th May 2019

I never leave reviews but in all honestly, the taste is horrible. There is a really strong plasticy, chemical taste that just isn't very pleasant and makes it really hard to keep in your mouth. I know this is not a candy but a supplement but still, I think something like this should still be at least somewhat enjoyable.

Worked better than expected.

Written by Joseph on 15th May 2019

As an avid Rainbow Six Siege player, I thought these would be great. They make the most notable difference in my eyes - they feel more moist and like I never need to blink again. My reaction time and focus were both boosted a noticeable amount while I also saw some improvement in my performance in class. It was easier to be more attentive without the edgy jitters of caffeine.

This is a premium product that is real innovation!

Written by AT on 24th Jan 2019

I really like the product and how it was developed for gamers.The product has many benefits that work for people other than gamers, like myself.Taste is great, not too sweet. I find that I am much more likely to follow my regimen of supplements when they are gummy v pills. I enjoy them. Also, with the gummy, I am able to spread my intake out over the day, as opposed to front-loading my dose for the day.Great product, high quality ingredients, vegan, and PECTIN not Gelatin!

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