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Laser Focus, NO Jitters ,NO Crash, Mental Endurance, Blue-Light Protection. You need it, our gummies got it. THIS IS VPN, THE BEST NOOTROPIC GUMMY AROUND.

Convenient Focus, Energy and Endurance.



The BEST Nootropic Gummy available with 600mg of Alphasize®100 Alpha GPC per serving; regarded as the most widely studied brain supplement.

Mega-Bytes are a unique top of the line pectin-based gummy created by Virtually Perfect Nutrition or VPN. The goal is to provide quality and effective ingredients that actually work NOT a bunch of crap you don't need. We want to provide a performance boost to top-tier gaming, competition and even further than that. The ingredients featured in Mega-Bytes all have published studies backing their effectiveness.

Everything in our gummy is in it for a reason, to elevate your performance.


Dominate with lightning reflexes and show off your alpha brain*


Reduce your eye-strain and keep an eye on your KDA*


Keep laser focus when it's game time and bring it to the next level*


ADDED BONUSES; FDA Approved Ingredients, Top 8 Allergen Free, Kosher Certified, and Vegan!





*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Reviews (13)

Good product

Written by Tracey Murch on 25th Oct 2020

Good product

Definitely Improves Focus Even if Your Not a Gamer

Written by Nic on 1st Oct 2020

I've been taking the VPN Nootropic Gummies for the past few months, and I generally really enjoy these gummies. While the taste isn't much desired, I find they really help me concentrate and focus while working on school work. While it can sometimes make me feel jittery, I don't really take any other stimulants besides these, and the jitters don't feel nearly as bad as coffee. Besides the improved focus, these gummies have other good ingredients like lutein for eye health and other good supplements to improve brain health. Overall I think the ingredients in these supplements are great. I question the value of this supplement for the price. Personally, I don't think I would purchase them again, but I'm still using them.

Sour Retro Berry Re-Review

Written by Blazger on 14th Aug 2020

After Retrying the Sour Retro Berry in the round container, I am very pleased with the better outcome and taste of this flavor. When I first recieved the square container, the flavor just tasted very off and also the gummies we're rough to chew. I figured it was how is was til I was contacted by the seller to inform they could send out the better and more adjusted product. So thank you to the seller for the help. Make sure you recieve the round containers when ordering.

It will make you game better

Written by VPN Customer on 14th Aug 2020

Great flavor and energy makes me get crack o the sticks..

Awesome product!

Written by Brian on 14th Aug 2020

I know there are a lot of supps on the market for energy and focus but the blue light protection caught my attention on these. I'm not much of a gamer but I spend hours reading and writing on my computer every day. I can tell you the Mega Bytes definitely help keep me focused when I'm reading journal articles and writing papers! The blue light protection also keeps my eyes from getting tired even after I've been reading for a few hours, which is a huge added bonus over my morning coffee and other supps I've tried in the past. The cherry on top is that they actually taste great too! 10/10 would recommend to gamers, grad students, and anyone else who needs to stay sharp when they're looking at a screen


Written by Josh C. on 10th Jan 2020

It tastes like a gummie and really keeps me focused!

Works well

Written by Masquemare on 16th Oct 2019

I do live streams on Mixer and these have definitely helped me focus better (especially in fast paced games like Enter The Gungeon). They also helped me get through a full playthrough of Fatal Frame yesterday. My only minor complaint is it has a bit of an aftertaste but given the low calories and sugar of the gummies? It's a fair tradeoff in my view.Very much recommended.

Seller is wonderful to work with.

Written by David F. on 10th Oct 2019

The original flavor is just... gross. That said, they've got some new flavors (grape, blood orange, etc). The new flavors are actually really good. I enjoyed all of them. While I can't say with any certainty whether or not it affects my focus or energy, the new flavors are quite delicious.The vendor is also a pleasure to work with. They care about their product doing well, and are actively working on iterations of this product to improve it based on feedback. Definitely give them a try, and a chance to impress you.

It will make you game better

Written by Amazon Customer on 13th Jul 2019

Great flavor and energy makes me get crack o the sticks..

These are great

Written by Cody Van Liew on 8th Jul 2019

Excellent product. Works as intended without the crash you get from energy drinks

Would purchase this product again!

Written by Mary D. Hathaway on 1st Jul 2019

Love this product! Does what it says what it promises.

Worked better than expected.

Written by Joseph on 15th May 2019

As an avid Rainbow Six Siege player, I thought these would be great. They make the most notable difference in my eyes - they feel more moist and like I never need to blink again. My reaction time and focus were both boosted a noticeable amount while I also saw some improvement in my performance in class. It was easier to be more attentive without the edgy jitters of caffeine.

This is a premium product that is real innovation!

Written by AT on 24th Jan 2019

I really like the product and how it was developed for gamers.The product has many benefits that work for people other than gamers, like myself.Taste is great, not too sweet. I find that I am much more likely to follow my regimen of supplements when they are gummy v pills. I enjoy them. Also, with the gummy, I am able to spread my intake out over the day, as opposed to front-loading my dose for the day.Great product, high quality ingredients, vegan, and PECTIN not Gelatin!

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