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Convenient Focus, Energy and Endurance



The BEST Nootropic Gummy available with 600mg of Alphasize®100 Alpha GPC per serving; regarded as the most widely studied brain supplement.

Mega-Bytes are a unique top of the line pectin-based gummy created by Virtually Perfect Nutrition or VPN. The goal is to provide quality and effective ingredients that actually work NOT a bunch of crap you don't need. We want to provide a performance boost to top-tier gaming, competition and even further than that. The ingredients featured in Mega-Bytes all have published studies backing their effectiveness.

Everything in our gummy is in it for a reason, to elevate your performance.


Alpha GPC Choline provides the mental clarity and focus that energy pills, focus & brain supplements just don’t provide enough of. VPN has brain boosting ingredients that will increase performance


These gummies have the right dosage of Lutemax (Trademarked version of Lutein) that protects your eyes from blue light strain & other negative effects. These eye vitamins will keep your eyes fresh.


Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba provide crazy mental clarity, energy, focus that other gaming supplements don’t. No crash, no jitters, only the focus factor you want.


ADDED BONUSES; FDA Approved Ingredients, Top 8 Allergen Free, Kosher Certified, and Vegan!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Reviews (18)

They seem to be legit!

Written by Crystal Cleveland on 6th Nov 2020

I think these gummies actually work as advertised. I don’t think they should be reserved only for gaming because I use them during work or anytime I need to get my mind in gear. They have a strange taste. I want to say that I don’t like them, but there’s something about the flavor that I actually really kinda like. A lot. It’s a strange thing. They’re soft, easy to take and seem to work rather quickly. Recommended!

Love these gummies!

Written by KlassyLadee04 on 4th Nov 2020

I take these daily and I love the taste! No aftertaste.

Gummy Eyes

Written by Michael Kerner on 4th Nov 2020

I like the idea of these gummies, but they don't taste as good as I thought they would be.

Love These Gummies!

Written by KlassyLadee04 on 21st Oct 2020

I take these daily and I love the taste! No aftertaste.

Too Sweet

Written by Customer Lady on 20th Oct 2020

I should have paid attention to the flavor; grape is one of the few flavors I do not like, but I tried one of these to try. It was not so much the flavor that I did not like more than the sweetness; these were a little tooooo sweet for my liking. My girlfriend on the other hand loves them (and has popped more than a few than she should while playing WoW even as I type this). I did notice a change much like when I drink a couple of cups of coffee in the morning so they seem to do what they purport to do, but I could not test them over a period to get the full effect. My girlfriend games all day anyhow so I am not sure that it really changed anything for her; she pops them like gummies without consequence. Too sweet though. I like the idea of a gummy vs pill but would rather a gummy without the sugar coating.

Tasty Goodness!

Written by ThisIsIT on 19th Oct 2020

These things are very unique for a gummy and they’re great! It says they’re Grape flavored and I guess they are but, they’re also a bit tangy and just good to me. They’re also fairly large sized squares that look like they were made from an mini ice cube tray. Anyway, they’re Caffeine-Free but, they’re still good for boosting your concentration and energy and they’re even good for the eyes. I love these things and the only thing that I may have a tough time with is that I can only have a couple per day.

reduced eye strain from long online sessions

Written by Jason Stein on 14th Oct 2020

Arrived 10/5/20 undamaged (with protective seal) and best by date 09/2021. A serving size is "2 bytes" (2 gummy cubes) with 32 servings per container, but there is no recommended dose information. Is it 2 bytes daily? Is it safe to take them every 4hours? every 8 hours? max servings per day? Is it more effective if taken with food and/or drink? It is clearly pointed out that this is a 'dietary supplement', and the labeling does meet the minimum requirements as such. FDA approval was not required before marketing this dietary supplement. Supplements must meet certain quality standards, however that doesn't mean they are necessarily safe for everyone. "These products can pose unexpected risks because many supplements contain active ingredients that have strong effects in the body. For example, taking a combination of herbal supplements or using supplements together with prescribed medications could lead to harmful, even life-threatening results." (quote taken from article by mayo clinic.) The bytes are sugar coated squares. If you chew threw them quickly the grape flavor isn't very strong, but if you suck on them for a bit the grape flavor becomes much more pronounced. These are primarily for supporting strong eye health and mental sharpness. (These are not intended to replace sufficient sleep, nor to function as a caffeine alternative.) So far I haven't noticed any improve reaction time, but I have noticed an improvement in eye comfort and relief.

Very interesting texture that gave me energy

Written by Blueberry Smiles on 14th Oct 2020

When I took my first bite, it seemed as if I was chewing on one of those fishing lure worms that’s covered in sugar granules. It kinda smelled like it too with a hint of grape scent. My brain was telling me that’s what I’m eating, and asking me why am I’m eating this fishing lure. But as I continued to chew and eat it, it started to taste pretty good. The grape flavor is very enjoyable. I think that it’s pretty interesting how the texture is. It’s different from other gummies I’ve had. It’s quite entertaining for me to eat. After eating 2 gummies, I did have increased energy. It lasted for several hours. I didn’t feel a crash afterwards or anything like that. I got a lot accomplished today. I also noticed that I was able to focus more than usual. I am very satisfied with this product.

Happy Little Pillows In You Mouth...and Oh so Addictive

Written by PositiveLogic on 1st Oct 2020

It is hard to describe these because they don't fit into any common category. I guess we'll have to go along with what the investors call it...Nootropic Gummies. Things that are new and different are often panned for being outright idiotic. But I really think that this is an important innovation: (+) Yes, I am hooked on these. As I am writing this, I'm popping another in my mouth. Just one hit gets me going. (+) Taste? They've got that covered as well. They are firm little pillows. East chow on. Easy to swallow. (+) Effect: This recipe gives me a pleasant buzz that, in many ways, is more powerful than other nootropics. It's really making me more productive. As it stands now, I am a new customer, and if they have a subscription, I'll probably go for it.

Great product

Written by Lifting Dad on 30th Sep 2020

So far this one has promise with a great blend of ingredients! My biggest issue is there are no directions for use on the label.The gummies seem like they are incredibly fresh as they almost appear “wet”. It looks more like it would be made from whole food than a traditional gummy candy (maybe more organic?)I really like the ingredient blend and this one is showing great promise!


Written by Kelly C. on 29th Sep 2020

I really love the added benefit of a nootropic. However; I personally do not like the taste of these at all. I may still use them on days that I am just lacking motivation and focus, but do not see myself reaching for them otherwise just based on taste alone. I only took one the first time and I do feel it helped with my overall mood/tiredness.

Tastes good and works without a crash

Written by Amy B. on 21st Sep 2020

I have tried various nootropic things from Amazon for energy and focus. I've also tried tea with some of the ingredients in these, but don't always enjoy the flavor of those. These gummies are cube shaped, bite-sized, almost black in color with some sugar sanded over them. They taste really good and seem to work well for energy and focus, with no crash like some things like energy drinks can cause for some people. While I do stream games on twitch, I haven't tried them for that, only for working on the computer. I will try that soon, also; but they seem to work pretty well for what they are, and are an interesting supplement whether you're a gamer or just somebody who wants energy and focus for whatever you're doing.

Taste great. Work good

Written by Ryan H. on 15th Aug 2020

I really like the taste of these nootropic gummies. I also find myself locked in the zone when I have been stretching or gaming after eating these. I am happy with this product.

Very Flavorful

Written by Blazger on 14th Aug 2020

The GG grape flavor is one I would order again. The flavor has a great hit that almost tastes like Grape Crush Soda. Good to take them only when your having a game session. Keeps your focus on the game and keeps the Blue light from your computer monitor, phone, TV, down to a viewable level that won't strain your vision.

Cheaper alpha brain that's also candy (but not bad for you)

Written by Amazon Customer on 11th Mar 2020

Way cheaper than Alpha Brain, tastier too. Helps maintaining focus in all academic and athletic endeavors.

Energiza de una forma exepcional

Written by Kmen on 4th Mar 2020

Realmente es cumple con las expectativas y el sabor no es my bueno pero tampoco es malo

Great product, fast shipping

Written by Tyler Einck on 27th Feb 2020

Came in the mail in less time than anticipated. Product meets/exceeds expectations as presented in listing

Effective but can be improved.

Written by John Gruhl on 15th Feb 2020

I am a gamer and tried this gummy for longer gaming sessions. They seemed to work pretty well. I am someone who prefers to game in a dark room, so these definitely helped with the light from my monitors. I turn night mode on 24/7 on my gaming monitors and this has helped with headaches a lot. I have 4 stars for these reasons, quality and effectiveness. Quality of the product which includes taste, texture, and just overall experience was a 3. Taste is okay. Texture is a little weird. I just think there is room to improve here. Effectiveness is a 4/5. I was satisfied with how it worked and felt a difference after gaming sessions.

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