What are VPN Mega-Bytes?

Mega-Bytes are a unique top of the line pectin-based gummy created by Virtually Perfect Nutrition. The goal is to provide quality and effective ingredients that work. We want to provide a performance boost to top-tier gaming and competition.   The ingredients featured in the “Mega-Byte” all have published studies backing their effectiveness. Everything in our gummy is in it for a reason, to elevate your performance.

How Soon will I Feel the Effects?

The ingredients in our gummy show their full potential after a build up within the body but you will feel a change right away! Remember this isn't caffeine so DON'T expect that feeling. Each day you will slowly but efficiently increase your performance, your reactions, your decision making, and your overall cognitive processing improve day after day.

Which Ingredients are in Mega-Bytes?

We use ingredients that work for you, not against you. We don’t load our products with unnecessary ingredients, only ingredients that elevate you to a new level of competing. Mega-Byte's primary herbal ingredients are listed below. AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC is considered to be one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world, and is used widely in clinical settings around the world (1) Lutein and Zeaxanthin was studied to improve visual performance, sleep quality, and other adverse effects in those with high screen time (2) Panax Ginseng  & Ginkgo Biloba provide a dynamic duo in improving accuracy and increasing reaction speed (3).


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How Many Servings are in a Bottle?

There are 64 gummies in our unique bottle, and for full effectiveness our serving size is 2-4 gummies. Our wide-mouth bottle allows for easy delivery of our gummies with minimal time away from the keyboard, mouse, or controller.   This takes away the hassle of mixing a drink or even worse spilling onto your brand-new gaming rig! Our gummies are easy to take, taste great, and actually work, which is exactly what you need to keep gaming.

What do the Mega-Bytes® Taste Like?

Our original flavor is Sour Retro Berry, which finds the best of the berry world with a sour kick to stimulate your alertness. Our two newest flavors are Blood Orange and Grape! Both highly praised at TwitchCon 2019!

Is there Caffeine in the Mega-Bytes®?

We use NO CAFFEINE in our gummies. A lot of people get enough caffeine from “healthy energy drinks” and for that reason we use ginseng and fast acting carbohydrates (the most readily available form of energy. Ginseng is a natural cognitive energy booster. This will work with our other ingredients to keep your mind sharp and awake.

How Much Sugar Does a Serving Contain?

Every 4 Mega-Bytes® contain roughly 8g of sugar. The sugar source in the Mega-Bytes® comes from sugar cane and organic tapioca syrup.

How Many Gummies Can You Eat?

Our serving size is 2-4, which is the optimal delivery of each active per day. If you find yourself eating 5 or 6, I wouldn’t worry, they taste good, huh?

Is Your Product FDA Approved?

Mega-Bytes® are a dietary supplement, therefore it does not fall under the same FDA approval. Drugs and Medications need FDA approval, dietary supplements do not. This doesn’t tarnish the quality of our products or ingredients. However, the facility which produces our gummies is the highest possible rated for BRC, NSF, and FDA compliance and certification. The facility is up to pharmaceutical specifications which means we have one of the highest quality products coming out. The facility (and our product) is also Kosher certified and Allergen Free, which is always another great quality standard.

How Can I Get Sponsored By VPN?

Checkout our sponsorship page and start living that VPN Lifestyle!

Can I get a free sample of VPN?

The best opportunity to snag some free stuff is to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to be a part of giveaways and contests.

Who created VPN?

Virtually Perfect Nutrition, LLC was started by brothers Anthony and Roger whose passion for video gaming and sports nutrition found the best of both worlds in Mega-Bytes.   VPN Mega-Bytes® are vegan, kosher, allergen free, and made with organic ingredients.