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Chemi Nutra Files Novel Patent for AlphaSize Choline Ingredient

Chemi Nutra (Austin, TX) has filed a novel patent for its alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline (A-GPC) ingredient, AlphaSize, which it says is appropriate to replace, displace, or augment caffeine in products targeting mental energy, sports nutrition, and/or healthy aging.

AlphaSize’s research profile currently speaks to potential benefits for reaction, agility, explosive power output, memory, running, and jumping, Chemi Nutra notes. It has been acknowledged as Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA with an agency response letter, Chemi Nutra says, and its lack of taste or odor makes it suitable for foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

“This patent filing demonstrates Chemi’s commitment to the nutritional supplement and beverage industries, and is supported by research studies that collectively demonstrate how our branded, natural, full GRAS, AlphaSize A-GPC functional ingredients truly impact human performance—both mental and physical,” says Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra.

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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine