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About us

Who we are

VPN or Virtually Perfect Nutrition has the mission of bringing trust, transparency and functionality back to the supplement space. Too long now have companies relied on fillers, hidden blends and marketing gimmicks. It's time to let the science do the talking. Our focus is your focus, your energy, your eyes and your performance. Whether that's for gaming, office work, or homework, it's our goal to provide convenience and functional ingredients daily. No jitters, no crash, no spills, no mess.


Virtually Perfect Nutrition, it's in the gummy.

The journey so far!

VPN launched in 2018 at TwitchCon, we had a great response with one big comment...make more flavors! Well, ask and you shall receive! TwitchCon 2019 was the arrival of new packaging and new flavors and all with a positive reception. We then entered 2020 as the Official Esports Gummy and it's only upwards from there.

It's about time that a
supplement has the right amount of ingredients to actually do what it says.

- Anthony, Co-Founder

Our values

Providing the best product possible and always putting





At the forefront!


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